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Things Your Tween Should Do Before Middle School Ends

It​ may seem like your tween began  middle school  just a few months ago, but time has a way of passing us by. If your kids middle school experience is coming to an end, there are a few ways you can help them remember their time and  prepare for the high school experience. It will be here before you know it, so make sure your tween gets everything done before the final day of middle school. Attend a Middle School Dance If your child has avoided dances or other social gatherings while in middle school, now is the chance to attend one before the year is out. Encourage your kid to go to a school dance, carnival, concert, or other school function. If they are shy about going alone, have them  gather a group of friends  to attend together. Take pictures and give them suggestions on making it through the event if they feel awkward or out of place.   Take Pictures Your tween thinks that theyll remember everything from middle school forever, but that isnt the case. Encourage your kid to take photos of the school, friends, and even teachers. Have them go through their locker and binders for notes, handouts, or other items that would be fun to keep for later. If your tween is creative, they can combine photos and other items into a fun scrapbook to enjoy for years to come. If your family budget allows, purchase a yearbook so your child can have friends sign it to keep as a forever reminder. Thank Their Teachers Chances are your child had a few teachers during the middle school years that they liked and who had a positive impact. As the end of the year approaches, nows the time to thank them for all they did. Your kid can write personal thank you notes for their special teachers, or just leave a simple Thank You on the teachers whiteboard as a surprise. If your child wants to do something special, they could bake brownies or pick out a special gift to show their gratitude. Make a List of Top Memories When your tween is older, they will have fun looking back on the middle school experience. Encourage your child to make lists of events, friends, teachers, classes, inside jokes, and special moments. They could even get friends involved by asking them for a list of favorite experiences. Tuck the lists away in their yearbook to enjoy reading later.   Visit Your New High School When middle school days are numbered, high school is just around the corner. See if your kid can visit the new school or attend a school orientation. Exploring a new campus will help your tween get excited about entering high school and it might even give them ideas about which activities to join or try. Also, encourage your kid to visit the high school website to learn more about classes, clubs, and other school events. Plan a Graduation Party If youre up for it, throw a party! Allow your tween to have a gathering of friends to bid farewell to middle school and say hello to high school. You could invite a few close friends, or make it a large shindig. Either way, food, music and a slideshow of pictures highlighting the previous years best moments will help the children appreciate the past and prepare for the future.

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Destalinization in Soviet Russia

Destalinization was the process begun by Nikita Khrushchev, following the death of former Russian dictator Joseph Stalin in March 1953, of first discrediting Stalin and then reforming Soviet Russia leading to large numbers being released from imprisonment in Gulags, a temporary thaw in the Cold War, a slight relaxation in censorship and an increase in consumer goods, an era dubbed as ‘The Thaw’ or ‘Khrushchev’s Thaw’. Stalin’s Monolithic Rule In 1917 the Tsarist government of Russia was removed by a series of revolutions, which climaxed at the end of the year with Lenin and his followers in charge. They preached soviets, committees, groups to govern, but when Lenin died a man of bureaucratic genius called Stalin managed to warp the entire system of Soviet Russia around his personal rule. Stalin showed political cunning, but no apparent compassion or morality, and he instituted a period of terror, as every level of society and seemingly every person in the USSR was under suspicion, and millions were sent to Gulag work camps, often to die. Stalin managed to hold on and then win the Second World War because he had industrialized the USSR at vast human cost, and the system was so enshrined around him that when dying his guards daren’t go and see what was wrong with him out of fear. Khrushchev Takes Power Stalin’s system left no clear successor, the result of Stalin actively removing any rivals to power. Even the Soviet Union’s great general of WW2, Zhukov, was shunted into obscurity so Stalin could rule alone. This meant a struggle for power, one which former Commissar Nikita Khrushchev won, with no small amount of political skill himself. The U-Turn: Destroying Stalin Khrushchev didn’t want to continue Stalin’s policy of purge and murder, and this new direction—Destalinization—was announced by Khrushchev in a speech to the Twentieth Party Congress of the CPSU on February 25th , 1956 entitled ‘On the Personality Cult and its Consequences’ in which he attacked Stalin, his tyrannical rule and the crimes of that era against the party. The U-turn shocked those present. The speech was a calculated risk by Khrushchev, who had been prominent in Stalin’s later government, that he could attack and undermine Stalin, allowing non-Stalinist policies to be introduced, without damning himself by association. As everyone high up in Russia’s ruling party also owed their positions to Stalin, there was no one who could attack Khrushchev without sharing the same guilt. Khrushchev had gambled on this, and the turn away from the cult of Stalin to something relatively freer, and with Khrushchev remaining in power, was able to go ahead. Limits There was disappointment, especially in the West, that Destalinization did not lead to greater liberalization in Russia: everything is relative, and we are still talking about an ordered and controlled society where communism was sharply different to the original concept. The process was also reduced with Khrushchev’s removal from power in 1964. Modern commentators are worried by Putin’s Russia and the way Stalin seems to be in a process of rehabilitation.

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The Classroom Culture Of Respect - 940 Words

I endeavor to establish and maintain rapport with my students, and among my students, with the goal of creating an environment of respect in my classroom. This classroom culture of respect is essential to an effective learning environment. One of the ways I build this rapport is to issue a short survey the first week of class. An example of a survey is the attached artifact 4b_Student_Survey. In a survey, I ask the students to tell me something about themselves – what name they prefer, what they want to do in the future, their hobbies, interests, favorite color, etc. I then peruse the completed surveys and create name tents for my students. I incorporate pictures or symbols on the individual name tents to reflect some of the personal information the students have revealed. The attached artifact, 4b_Name_Tents, shows a sample of some of the name tents I produced for my students, as well as my own name tent. I read the class roster prior to the first class for the sake of learni ng my students names in advance, and then I use the name tents to help me put the names with the faces. I use the pictures on the name tents to aid my establishment of a personal connection to each student. For example, the name tents in artifact 4b_Name_Tents clearly show that Rod is interested in all sports and wants to be a coach, while Julysa likes to play volleyball and aspires to be a teacher. Knowing these facts gives me the insight into each student that allows me to make personalShow MoreRelatedI Didn t Be Racist?828 Words   |  4 Pagestheir students differences, and learn to value and respect these differences in the classroom. Educators must model positive behavior by respecting and valuing where their students come from. When educators value differences in the classroom, it creates a culture in which everyone can be himself or herself. In order to create this culture in my future classroom I need to acknowledge all of my student’s differences, and I must learn to value and respect these differences. â€Å"It is uncomfortable for studentsRead MoreThe Cultural Environment Of A School858 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction The cultural environment of a school can speak louder than any words. The culture of the school is the life force that keeps the school moving forward and in the right direction. Keeping the environment and culture of the school up beat and positive can be a hard thing for any administrative team to handle. Imploring the correct administration is a very important step in this process. Finding the right administrators that are going to support, listen and lead the faculty of the schoolRead MoreImportance Of The American Education System1461 Words   |  6 Pagesfrom Arab and Muslim culture will bring unique and positive qualities to our classrooms that need to be recognized and valued. Teachers have a strong influence on how comfortable a student will feel in the classroom community. I believe it is important to create an environment where students feel safe to ask questions, share their culture, be themselves, believe in what they want to believe, and be celebrated for their differ ences as well as similarities. I believe each culture brings forth studentsRead MoreClassrooms Are More Diverse?849 Words   |  4 PagesI do agree that classrooms are more diverse. Taking all the education courses that I have has made me think about this. When I was in elementary school I never remember having any wide diversities in my classrooms. My teaching people of other cultures teacher provided us with ELL statistics in the US from last year and all I had to was WOW. Resiliency. I really like that characteristic. Resilient children do have the upper hand. They can better adapt and not let all the negativity effect them.Read MoreMulticultural Education Is A Method For Instruction That Values Diversity Within The Classroom1227 Words   |  5 Pagessupports diversity within a classroom setting incorporate teaching. More importantly, it is important that within schools teachers as well as students need to understand one another’s background; such as their culture, race, and ethnicity. For students it prepares them for life in an culturally diverse society. Throughout this paper it is focused on multicultural education in our society. Multicultural education is a method to instruction that values diversity within the classroom. Multicultural educationRead MoreThe First Attribute Of An Effective Teacher950 Words   |  4 Pageseffective teacher is respect. The important thing about this, is that to create a culture of learning the students and teachers must respect each other. The teacher has to understand each home culture. The culture of the student practices at home whether that be similar to their own or different. Each child has a different way of interacting with adults. In some cultures, such as Chinese culture, looking down and not making eye contact actually means respect for elders. In Deaf culture you don t beatRead MoreCase Study : Three Seven Years Old Learning Spanish Since Age Two1207 Words   |  5 PagesHunter, Matthew and Dylan. Content Integration, I used this dimension all the time. I am from Mexico I have been taught them about my culture since I moved to live with them. I can see their knowledge about other cultures and mine culture. They are just seven, but their knowledge about other culture is surprising. For example, Hunter and I talked about Mexican culture and I told him I am Mexican so Are you Mexican or American? and his answer shocked me. He said â€Å"I am Honduras† I asked him what do youRead MoreCultural Competency Improves the Quality of Health Care627 Words   |  3 Pagescompetence is inevitable in order to get what you want in the classroom. Planning poorly in the classroom, planning that is ignorant to principles of cultural competence may yield false and biased results. As for the continuum, I am an immigrant here in the United States myself. I attended one of the most diverse elementary schools as a child. At McKinley Elementary there were equal students of all ethnicities and races. I shared classrooms with Caucasians, Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, ArabsRead MoreClassroom Management And The Environment989 Words   |  4 PagesClassroom management is integral to the environment in which students learn. Classroom management serves to regulate the behaviors, practices and focus of students to elicit participation. When enacted in a culturally responsive way, classroom management extends to consider how a student’s culture influences their motivations and behaviors. Calloway indicates, â€Å"a positive relationship was found to exist between classroom management and cultural teaching† (Calloway, n.d, p. 5). Responsive teachingRead MoreDiversity in the Classroom Essay888 Words   |  4 PagesDiversity in classrooms can open stu dent’s minds to all the world has to offer. At times diversity and understanding of culture, deviant experiences and perspectives can be difficult to fulfill, but with appropriate strategies and resources, it can lead students gaining a high level of respect for those unlike them, preferably than a judgmental and prejudiced view. Diversity has broad ranges of spectrums. Students from all across the continent; students from political refugees, indigenous Americans

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Social and Psychological Effects of Domestic Violence

Question: Write an Essay about the psychological and sociological effect on he victim of domestic violence. should relate to theories. Answer: Introduction In this paper a case scenario of intimate partners Anne and John and their family has been described and discussed. Since a year, they have shifted to Annes mothers (Gretas) house and since then there have been incidences of domestic violence due to social and psychological reasons. These incidences have had significant impact socially and psychologically on the couple and their kids. As Anne is the only child of Greta, both Anne and Greta feel that it is Annes duty to care for her dependent mother. Anne has quit her job to shift with Greta. The incidences of violence have led Anne into depression as she is feeling down about her life and her role in the family. She has started feeling guilty for all that is going wrong with her family to the extent that she feels herself responsible and guilty for Jessicas asthma also. She feels if they wont have shifted, these problems could have been avoided. Anne is also grieving her loss of employment because of the relocation as this had given her an outlet and a sense of independence. Over the time, Anne has become introvert, has explosive bursts at children and outside people, and nagging John. Anne is now not socializing with friends as she is ashamed of what theyll think of her. John who is suffering from occupation related back injury, is not working at present, has become an alcoholic and has started being violent with Anne. The reason for Johns explosive outbursts, erratic, angry, and anxious behavior is that he does not approve of Anne spending all her time caring for Greta, the kids, and money. Annes daughter, Jessica, has been suffering from asthma triggered by change of weather. Her son, Dylan, has become introvert and avoids interaction with her. This paper tries to analyze the causes leading to such behavior of the family members by interpreting the situation and justifying their actions. The social and psychological causes and their impact being faced by the family have been discussed. It tries to assess the reason for this behavior of the members and how it is affecting their health and highlights the need for immediate actions to prevent further deterioration of the condition. Psychological causes and impact According to Albert Banduras social learning theory (1977), observational learning facilitates behavior learning from the environment and there exist mediating processes between stimuli and responses. In this case the children are observing the parents (as models) behavior which is having an impact on them. This is the reason for Dylans changed and unsocial behavior. Though according to John the reason for Dylans introvert behavior is adolescence, Anne is quite right in thinking that there are other things responsible for this (Margolin Vickerman 2011). The second part says that there are mediating processes between stimuli and response. This can be seen in Johns case, where he is feeling left out and frustrated over time and this has made him aggressive towards Anne, acting as a mediating process between the stimulus of Anne talking of the Booze and his violent response (Nathan et al. 2011). According to Bronfenbrenners ecological system theory (1979), the different types of ecosystems influence the development of an individual. In the microsystem, i.e., the family environment of the kids, they are experiencing the domestic violence going on at home. This is having significant psychological impact on Dylan and Jessica (Jun et al. 2011, Howell 2011). According to Sarafino, 2012, the cause of stress is the discrepancy perceived by an individual between the physical and psychological demands of a situation and the biological, psychological or social systems available at that point of time. The cause of stress for Anne in this situation is that she is feeling too stretched with her responsibilities both physically and psychologically. On the other hand, John is also stressed out due to his physical condition and dependency. To cope with this stress one may use either an emotion-focused approach or a problem-focused approach (McLeod, 2015). The emotion-focused approach in this case is being used by Anne as she has turned to eating in order to comfort herself, is distracting herself by staying busy, and is writing all her emotions in her diary to precipitate those emotions, though this has led to her weight gain. Similarly, John has also taken up to the same approach as he has started boozing to cope with his stress. To improve the si tuation both should opt for the problem-focused coping technique by seeking social support in this case. People have different approaches to cope with the grief of loss according to the theory of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (Van Vliet, 2014). The five stages that they undergo are mostly: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Different individuals pass through these stages at different paces. Anne has reached the fourth stage. Her grief at her loss of her job, aka, her independence and outlet and her mother being unwell and dependent has crossed the first four stages in this scenario. She is stuck at the fourth stage along with John. Social causes and impact According to the gender socialization theory the environment provides forms the basis for the childs outlooks and awareness of sex-typed behavior from which the consequences are drawn (Fagot et al, 2012). The parent effect perspective addresses of gender socialization tries to show how the different styles, activities, and temperaments of parents socialize traits and behavior in children. The child effects perspective focuses on how children socialize parents by examining how the presence of a child forces parents to adopt new identities for bringing up the children. The reciprocal effect also exists according to this theory (Carter, 2014). In this case, Anne is subject to this gender socialization as she cant leave John because she doesnt want the children to be without their father. The children have become distant from the parents after going through all this. The social determinants of health include the economic stability, education, health and health care, and neighborhood and environment. The economic instable condition of the family, changing schools of the children, changing health and healthcare facilities, the changing neighborhood, friends and in-home environment are having effect on Dylans behavior and Jessicas health. Also, Johns and Annes friend circle has changed in the new place indicating the impact that social factors at personal, family, and community level have on the health of adolescents and adults alike (Viner et al. 2012). Initially, it was John who convinced Anne for the shifting by saying that it will be an opportunity for a fresh start and Anne also thought that it will prove beneficial for convalescing John and Jessica. Though shifting of the family has had positive effects on the family like Jessica is getting treatment from the asthma nurse at home and also at the local clinic, and making it stable in the past year, this seems to be ignored by Anne and John. John being jobless does not mean that he is free to drink and cannot assist Anne in looking after Greta and the kids. He is following the patriarchal philosophy that highlights the need to dominate and control unruly females and the unruly wilderness. Instead of helping, he is putting up new for questions Anne. Ecofeminism (Sturgeon 2016) is a theory believes that patriarchal philosophies are harmful to women, children, and other living things. In this case, this theory finds relevance with regard to John. Annes job was her outlet to her independence. Since she left her job now John is questioning her about her whereabouts, this is against the individualist feminist theory (Donovan 2012) which has its primary focus in an individuals autonomy, rights, liberty, independence and diversity. As per this Anne has liberty to go anywhere she wants. She is being restricted to the house anyways due to her concern for Greta. If she leaves for household or pharmacy work, its wrong for John to interfere as he is not assisting her in this, whereas, he should. Conclusion As there are long-term effects of domestic violence on the behavior of adults and children alike and they also lead to health problems both physically, psychologically, and socially. Thus, there is need of early interventions to prevent the problems from aggravating further. The family needs to assess these social and psychological impacts and work on improving their condition by working on it. Especially, the kids need to be taken much care of (Kagan 2014). References Carter, M. J., 2014. Gender Socialization and Identity Theory. Social Sciences, 3, 242263; doi:10.3390/socsci3020242. Donovan, J., 2012. Feminist Theory, Fourth Edition: The Intellectual Traditions, Bloomsbury Publishing USA. Fagot, B. I., Rodgers, C. S., Leinbach, M. D., 2012. Theories of gender socialization. PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA. Howell, K.H., 2011. Resilience and psychopathology in children exposed to family violence. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 16(6), pp.562569. Jun, H.-J. et al., 2011. Growing up in a domestic violence environment: relationship with developmental trajectories of body mass index during adolescence into young adulthood. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, p.jech.2010.110932. Kagan, R., 2014. Rebuilding Attachments with Traumatized Children: Healing from Losses, Violence, Abuse, and Neglect, Routledge. Margolin, G. Vickerman, K.A., 2011. Posttraumatic stress in children and adolescents exposed to family violence: I. Overview and issues. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice, 1(S), pp.6373. McLeod, S. A., 2009. Emotion Focused Coping. Published in 2015. Retrieved from Nathan, C., Anderson, C.A. Bushman, B.J., 2011. The general aggression model: Theoretical extensions to violence. Psychology of Violence, 1(3), pp.245258. Sarafino, E. P. (2012). Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions. 7th Ed. Asia: Wiley. Sturgeon, N., 2016. Ecofeminist Natures: Race, Gender, Feminist Theory and Political Action, Routledge.

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Human Resource Essays - Human Resource Management, Human Resources

Looking for basic information about Human Resources employment? Want to know what the Human Resources Department does? Thinking about a career in Human Resources? Are you interested in what Human Resources employees do and what their job titles mean? Looking for Human Resources employment? Is a job in Human Resources your dream? Here are all the basics, the fundamentals about Human Resources employment that you want and need to know. What is Human Resources? Want to know about Human Resources? Are you interested in understanding Human Resources as a function in an organization and potentially working in Human Resources employment? Need all of the basic information about Human Resources management, job functions, and the role of Human Resources and several HR functions, and the HR department within a company? You've found the basics here.

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Shah Jahan - Mughal Emperor of India

Shah Jahan - Mughal Emperor of India From the often chaotic and fratricidal court of Indias Mughal Empire sprang perhaps the worlds most beautiful and serene monument to love - the Taj Mahal.  Its designer was the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan himself, a complex man whose life ended in tragic circumstances. Early Life The child who would become Shah Jahan was born on March 4, 1592, in Lahore, now in Pakistan. His parents were Prince Jahangir and his wife Manmati, a Rajput princess who was called Bilquis Makani in the Mughal court. The baby was Jahangirs third son. He was named Ala Azad Abul Muzaffar Shahab ud-Din Muhammad Khurram, or Khurram for short. As a child, Khurram was a particular favorite of his grandfather, Emperor Akbar the Great, who personally oversaw the little princes education. Khurram studied warfare, the Koran, poetry, music, and other subjects suitable for a Mughal prince. In 1605, the 13-year-old prince refused to leave his grandfathers side as Akbar lay dying, despite the potential threat from his fathers rivals for the throne. Jahangir succeeded to the throne, after crushing an uprising led by one of his other sons, Khurrams half-brother. The incident brought Jahangir and Khurram closer; in 1607, the emperor awarded his third son the fiefdom of Hissar-Feroza, which court observers took to mean that 15-year-old Khurram was now the heir apparent. Also in 1607, Prince Khurram was engaged to marry Arjumand Banu Begum, the 14-year-old daughter of a Persian nobleman. Their wedding did not take place until five years later, and Khurram would marry two other women in the meantime, but Arjumand was his true love. She later became known as Mumtaz Mahal - The Chosen One of the Palace. Khurram dutifully sired a son by each of his other wives, and then neglected them almost entirely. He and Mumtaz Mahal had 14 children, seven of whom survived to adulthood. When descendants of the Lodi Empire rose up on the Deccan Plateau in 1617, Emperor Jahangir sent Prince Khurram to deal with the problem. The prince soon put down the rebellion, so his father granted him the name Shah Jahan, meaning Glory of the World. Their close relationship broke down, however, over court intrigues by Jahangirs Afghan wife, Nur Jahan, who wanted Shah Jahans youngest brother to be Jahangirs heir.   In 1622, with relations at their zenith, Shah Jahan went to war against his father. Jahangirs army defeated Shah Jahans after a four-year fight; the prince surrendered unconditionally. When Jahangir died just one year later, in 1627, Shah Jahan became the Emperor of Mughal India. Emperor Shah Jahan As soon as he took the throne, Shah Jahan ordered his stepmother Nur Jahan imprisoned and his half-brothers executed, in order to secure his seat. Shah Jahan faced challenges and uprisings all around the edges of his empire, as well. He proved equal to the challenges from Sikhs and Rajputs in the north and west, and from the Portuguese in Bengal. However, the death of his beloved Mumtaz Mahal in 1631 nearly shattered the emperor. Mumtaz died at the age of thirty-eight after giving birth to her 14th child, a girl named Gauhara Begum. At the time of her death, Mumtaz was in the Deccan with Shah Jahan on a military campaign, despite her condition. The distraught emperor reportedly went into seclusion for an entire year  and was only coaxed out of mourning by his and Mumtazs eldest daughter, Jahanara Begum. Legend says that when he emerged, the forty-year-old emperors hair had turned white. He was determined to build his empress the most magnificent tomb the world had ever known. It took the next twenty years of his reign, but Shah Jahan planned, designed, and oversaw the construction of the Taj Mahal, the worlds most famous and beautiful mausoleum. Made of white marble inlaid with Jasper and agates, the Taj is decorated with Koranic verses in lovely calligraphy. The building occupied 20,000 workers over the course of two decades, including craftsmen from far-off Baghdad and Bukhara, and cost 32 million rupees. In the meantime, Shah Jahan began to rely increasingly on his son Aurangzeb, who proved an effective military leader and an Islamic fundamentalist from a young age. In 1636, Shah Jahan appointed him viceroy of the troublesome Deccan; Aurangzeb was just 18. Two years later, Shah Jahan and his sons took the city of Kandahar, now in Afghanistan, from the Safavid Empire. This sparked on-going strife with the Persians, who recaptured the city in 1649. Shah Jahan fell ill in 1658  and appointed his and Mumtaz Mahals eldest son Dara Shikoh as his regent. Daras three younger brothers immediately rose up against him and marched on the capital at Agra.  Aurangzeb defeated Dara and his other brothers  and took the throne. Shah Jahan then recovered from his illness, but Aurangzeb declared him unfit to rule and had him locked up in the Agra Fort for the rest of his life. Shah Jahan spent his last eight years gazing out the window at the Taj Mahal, attended by his daughter Jahanara Begum. On January 22, 1666, Shah Jahan died at the age of 74. He was interred in the Taj Mahal, beside his beloved Mumtaz Mahal.

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Medium and Profession Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Medium and Profession - Research Paper Example Their role is thus important during the development stage, just before the system is rolled out. They could therefore be found in the research and development departments of Internet provision firms. The choice of this career is informed by the critical role that network architects play in ensuring that the Internet system works as required. It is a career that combines knowledge in both software and hardware to ensure that the modeling, analysis and planning of the Internet system runs as required. Network architecture career requires a bachelor’s degree in information systems. However, as noted by BLS (130), most employers would prefer applicants with Master of Business Administration with a major in Information Systems. Therefore, an early concentration in information technology, computer science, mathematics and language arts would be beneficial to a prospective network architect. Several years of experience make one a better performer in this profession. Though not repres ented by unions, the California Employment Development Department, EDD (2) observes that network architects’ unionization would vary by industry. For example, those in telecommunications could be members of Communications Workers of America. Such unions do not provide internship or entry level mentorship. This profession is important in the Internet medium as it ensures that the medium runs and executes the input commands as required. Information Security Analyst The roles in this career include planning, developing, implementing, upgrading and monitoring of security measures so as to protect the Internet network systems from security risks (BLS 128). Therefore, this career cuts across the various stages of the process of production, but particularly plays a critical role during distribution, when the Internet system gets exposed to security risks. These professionals would thus be found in the security department. The Internet is a large source of information accessible to p eople from all corners of the world. Thus, the choice of this career was informed by the need to understand the profession that enforces the security of the information shared through the Internet. This career also requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a majority of employers preferring applicants who hold a Master of Business Administration degree having majored in Information Systems. Hence, Kim and Solomon (423) advise high school students interested in the career to take keen interest in information technology, computer science, mathematics and language arts. No union represents these professionals, though they could join unions depending on their industry, such as the Service Employees International Union for public sector employees, EDD (2). It does not represent internship interests or provide for entry level mentorship. This profession is important in the Internet media as it provides for the protection of an organization’s content in the Intern et from attack. Additionally, information security analysts teach users on network security precautions and respond to any security breaches appropriately. Telecommunications Specialist The Internet medium provides for various media of communication including audio and visual. A telecommunications specialist plays the role of designing, supervising the installation and providing the